Ziabetas Ke Sath Kasay Jiyein (Program # 2) | Is Diabetes Preventable or Non-Preventable? |Myths . | 1型糖尿病動画サイト

Ziabetas Ke Sath Kasay Jiyein (Program # 2) | Is Diabetes Preventable or Non-Preventable? |Myths .

In this program, Dr. Ajaz Qureshi is discussing the common myths about diabetes with the director of Diabetic’s Institute of Pakistan Dr. Imtiaz. He is also answering the live questions. He is a well-known diabetics Specialist.
There are several myths about diabetes that are all too commonly reported as facts. These misrepresentations of diabetes can sometimes be harmful and lead to an unfair stigma around the condition.

Some Myths discussed in this Program.
• People with diabetes can’t eat sugar
Type 2 diabetes is mild
• Type 2 diabetes only affects fat people
• People with diabetes should only eat diabetic food
• People with diabetes go blind and lose their legs
• People with diabetes are dangerous drivers
• People with diabetes shouldn’t play sport
• People with diabetes can’t do many jobs
• People with diabetes are more likely to be ill
• Diabetes is contagious
Diabetic’s Institute of Pakistan (DIP) is the leading organization for Diabetes Management, Treatment, Education, and Counseling in Pakistan. Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Project Director of DIP, laid its foundation in June 1996. We have a prolific team of highly qualified and experienced Dialectologists, Diabetes Educators, Psychologists, Counselors and support staff. Today, DIP continues to provide world-class diabetes care and education that meet the needs of patients and their families.
Our slogan is:

“Care until Cure”.

It is part of a focused effort that provides comprehensive care to diabetic patients while working through concentrated research initiatives, towards the cure.


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