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Looking for Type 2 Diabetes Exercises? Welcome to Transformation Day 1

If you’re a Type 2 diabetic looking for exercise – whether your starting from square one or were active at one time, this is for you.

In this series you’ll not only learn all the tips, tricks and strategies I used to completely from morbidly obese to turning everything around drug-free – the best part about this is that I’m a regular guy still learning every day.

So if you’re tired of those “rocky montage’s” of before and after photos, are tired of people telling you how to get into shape when they’ve never been in your shoes before and wished you had someone showing you how to make it happen and doing it along side with you – this is for you!

You’re not alone, you have everything inside of you to have the best health you deserve and look – I’m no “gym rat dude” – I’m a family man.

I’ve also had a shoulder injury that’s barely coming around so know right now – I’m extremely weak in a number of places so we get to grow together.

Even better – although I do edit the videos so they’re not boring – I also want to share where I’m messing up because if everyone can see where I’m messing up – then other people won’t have to make the same mistakes. =)

I look forward to this journey and hope more than anything it helps inspire more and more people just like you and I.

Because I sincerely believe the faster we lift each other up and help one another out – the faster we’re saving lives.

The faster we’re saving lives, the faster we’re saving families and the faster we’re saving families – the faster we change the world – together.

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Also – if you’d like to see how I went from morbidly obese, shooting up twice a day/taking a half dozen pills just to keep up, and being told if nothing changed I was about 12 months from starting dialysis – to completely turning everything around, controlling my blood sugar with very little work and foods that I totally love – get my FREE 21 Blood Sugar Challenge – where I share – step by step how I did it.

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