Dealing with type 2 diabetes and my story #type2 #type2diabetes #health #poorhealth | 1型糖尿病動画サイト

Dealing with type 2 diabetes and my story #type2 #type2diabetes #health #poorhealth

I was noticed something on Instagram for a few years after coming out with type 2 diabetes, I was getting followers from people in Latin America and some parts of Asia had open my eyes to realize that type 2 diabetes has affected others.

(I thought I was alone in this wicked disease 😥😢😥)

All my life I was forced to care and nurse gravely ill parents, whom both passed away, dealing with my late dad, who was a type 2 diabetic and a dialysis patient suffering with high blood pressure, getting a new kidney and lost his toes. He had passed away in August 31, 2014.

He always in and out of hospitals from my time growing up as a disabled only child myself with health problems. Following that up with my late mother who was struggling with mental health and her poor conditions. (She had passed away in April 13th, 2003)

Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in March of 2016 and alongside with my mental health facing with social anxiety disorder, confused on what foods to eat, what food to avoid, always staring at label’s and at times, questioning how am I still alive dealing with this deadly disease?

I am thankful to be alive despite it all being hard growing up deal things alone.

Just out from the gym for the past few days, done with my workout and powerwalking for A week. If you’re prediabetic, please take care of yourself, learn nutrition, read labels and be around friends and family who’s health conscious. I know I ain’t health conscious growing up but slowly how to be. Thank you all for watching! ❤️❤️♥️

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